Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History In The Making!

Last night Barack Obama won the persadentul election. Our countrys first African American president...

I didn't vote for him, there are somethings that I don't praticulary agree with...I did vote for the zoo, however, against Kris' wishes. He has been elected our president and so now it's time for me to support our president. I already watch Oprah, so that's a start. That doesn't mean I have been changed my views over night, but it does mean I will pray for him as the leader of our country. I am amazed that at times in our life we sometimes have a hard time with those that are our leaders. We must find ways to support and sustain them. I believe that Pres. Obama has a love of this country and that he is a good man, I pray he will make wise decisions and lead our country in righteousness. I am amazed how far this country has come. The first black president of the United Sates of America! That is so amazing and I will never forget that moment that I witnessed history in the making!

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Ashley said...

I was going to do a post very very similar to this one. It is a historic moment!