Monday, November 10, 2008

Giving Thanks: Day 10 {Family} Part 2

So I have just spent the last 1/2 hour on the phone... funny 1 because I hardly ever answer my phone because I am usually in the middle of one child or another melt down or just running around and trying to get stuff done, kids happy, changing diapers, feeding kids, cleaning house, if I'm lucky I might have time to go to the bathroom that day J/K (kind of) funny 2 because I hate talking on the phone so a 1/2 hour is crazy for me. But for some crazy reason both of my kids were asleep at the same time... that never happens. I didn't know the number so I didn't really know what to expect. The voice on the other end of the phone said..."Is Lindsay there?" the girl went on to explain that her name was Sister Strong (one of my sisters old companions). My sister Cydne is serving a mission in Taiwan and has now been out just over a year. I miss her sooooo much she is always the life of the party and just has this electric personality. Did I say I miss her SOOOOOOOOOOO much! I think of her every day. Sister Strong and I talked Cydne talk and it was so fun to hear all of these amazing things. She told me that when the other missionaries talked about her they spoke of her with reverence. She talked about how she had salvaged many baptisms that were falling though, what a hard worker she was and how hard she had worked with her, and how much fun she was and how everyone wanted to serve with her... The funny thing is there was a sister just like her in my mission (Sister Hinckley, there were a lot of awesome sisters in our mission that I wanted & did serve with, all of them amazing missionaries. I just remember following her in to an area and I had only been out 6 weeks, but I had already heard of what a legend she was and I was scared to death to follow her. She had left me a little note that really helped me though those next 6 weeks.) I never was blessed to work with her, but as I though of my sister serving as Sister Hinckley did, I feel so proud of her and what she is accomplishing! She seems to do everything better than me and with more grace! I'm so thankful for her. Funny that I was just talking about how thankful I am for my family, and yesterday how thankful I am for my mission, and Sister Strong called me. She asked me about EFY and we talked a bit about that and the process. I just am honored to have such an amazing sister, one who is serving her country, family, religion, and God so well! What an amazing girl she is! I miss her so much and can't wait for her to be home, but I won't tell her that because It always made me cry when anyone would tell me that at the end of my mission. I love you Cyd! Thanks for the call Sister Strong I can't wait to go to lunch with you!


Brindley Family est. 1997 said...

See... sometimes it pays to answer your phone!!! Hahaha :)

Ashley said...

Yeah for Cydne. She and Lisa are rockin' the missionary world!

Erin said...

Wow, you posted this like a week ago, but I am now just barely getting around to reading it and all I can say is THANK YOU. Wow, I'm like speechless and have tears running down my face. I think the reason I haven't gotten around to reading this post yet is because I needed to read it TODAY. I've been having kind of a hard day and I feel like this post was a major "tender mercy" for me. Even though you speak far too highly of me in this post, it was exactly what I needed to hear today. I can't thank you enough--you were an answer to prayer.

I remember a few days before Cydne left on her mission, she came over to our house with Ali (we were all using cones to get the earwax out of our ears...don't use them, they don't work) anyway, while I was laying there with cones in my ears, Cydne sat there and asked me for advice about how to be a good missionary. I was so impressed with her as I talked to her. Here she was, not even a missionary yet, and she was already trying to learn as much as she could about how to become a powerful missionary. So what you've said about her in this post did not surprise me in the least because I could already tell from our conversation last year, that she was going to be powerhouse missionary.

YOU are amazing Lindsay and I wish I had had the opportunity to serve with you too!

Thanks again.