Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Giving Thanks: Day 5 {Technology}

I just marvel at the technology these days. I can jump on the computer and write a letter and send it to my sister who is serving a full time mission in Taiwan and it will get it that same day as opposed to my packages & letters that she doesn't get for more than 10 days... That is just one thing. You can google almost anything and have what you're looking for at your fingers in seconds. The camera... How amazing is it that you can capture a moment in time forever. Cell phones... I just am so amazed at the wonderful blessing these things are. We just live in this amazing world where we have so much available to us. Yes I'm thankful for the blogging world. 1st I wouldn't have any kind of journal with out it and 2nd it's amazing the strength that you can receive from your family and friend. 3rd I love being able to stay in touch with friends and family.

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The Wyler Family said...

okay, every time i have checked your blog and started to make a comment ethan has come over and started banging on the keyboard. i can't use the computer with him around anymore. anyway, i love your giving thanks entries. what a fabulous idea! you are an incredible person! and... how come i didn't even know about your crazy 3 week stay in the hospital?? that's insane. i move away and i don't stay caught up on anything. sorry.