Monday, November 10, 2008


So Molly has these cute pj's that my mom got for her from Costco and they have ballerinas all over them. She is able to say ballerinas quite clearly and it is so cute... Here is the funny thing. I few weeks ago she kept pointing to my spice cupboard and asking for ballerinas. What? I kept telling her that the ballerinas were not in the cupboard but in her dirty clothes. She kept asking and asking day after day the same sill cupboard. Finally Kris figured it out. Raisins! She has been calling raisins ballerinas! What? I know! How in the world would you come up with that? So funny that little one. She is always so thrilled when she asks for ballerinas and she gets her raisins. We do tell her every time
Kris or me..."you mean raisins?"
Marnie..."Ya! tank you! Oh ballerinas!"
She just really cracks me up!


Ellison Family said...

She is so cute!! I love how she keeps saying cheese cheese!!

Liz said...

They funny things kids say. I do wonder how they make some connections.

The Stevens said...

That is one of the cutest things I have seen and heard. How funny! I could not believe your hospital story! Crazy and scary! I am glad you are okay and that so many blessings came your way. Not that we are comparing in any way but it totally puts my sick stuff to shame. :-)

The Wyler Family said...

that is so cute! i can't wait until ethan can talk. he's starting to get so frustrated that we can't always understand what he wants.

Brooke said... she not the cutest thing ever? I want to eat her up! Hope you are doing ok. We really need to try and get together one of these days. xoxo

Brindley Family est. 1997 said...

Maybe it's the raisin woman that looks like a ballerina to her. Who knows, but she is so dang cute!