Friday, June 20, 2008

Someone's Having A Birthday!

Holy cow! I can't believe that it was almost two years ago that Kris and I were headed to the hospital to have our first baby girl. You know time has gone by so fast! She has truly changed our life for the better. She is so funny with her own opinions and personality. She just cracks me up everyday. There are so many things that I want to remember and so I made a list of Molly's favorite things and then I asked Kris what he though Molly's favorite things. Some of them were the same and then some I should have had on my list that I just seemed to over look becuse it is a dayly routine.
Kris's list was this...
- The frase weee... she says it all the time. on the airplane, mowing the lawn, or just riding in the car.
- I don't know how I forgotten this on my list, but Milk! The girl could drink a gallon a day if I let her, I think that must be a Rosander thing, I'm so not a milk fan, but she loves it, however it has to be soy milk, I know nasty, but she loves it.
- Ride... I should have had this on my list as well. She will just whine and whine saying ride, ride. She loves to go for rides. She thinks daddy's car is the coolest car to ride in, which surprises me because she can't see a thing, but that being said she just loves rides no matter what we go in.
- Swimming. I know Kim her swimming teacher is raising an eye brow right now, Molly has been kind of funny at lessons lately, I swear it's the 2 thing! but she loves to go swimming. She will get so excited and yells wimming wimming over and over again. I should have had this on my list as well.
- Dogs, but only from a distance. she gets close to a dog and she will freek out!
-Tennis Rackets. She loves to carry them aournd. Kris had several that were out and she walks around with them and thinks that they are so cool. I think she will be a tennis player when she grows up, maybe we could have her dad or uncle teach her!
These were the things that were on both of our list...
- SHOES She wants shoes on with everything and nothing. That is the first thing she wants when she gets out of bed in the moring and the last thing she wants before she gets back into bed for the night. She loves shoes she will change them 50 times a day. She will put on Kris's shoes and my shoes and anyone else that leaves there shoes around
- Balls. She loves any size of ball. My work out ball keep making it's way into her playroom, it finaly made it's way upstairs and there it has stayed. She loves to run after the balls more that though or bounce.
- Books! Molly loves anything with words. She loves her books, but give her a magazine sports illustrated, or the Rachel Ray and it will keep her busy for hours!
- Her baby. One of her cousins gave her a baby for Christmas and it took a few months, but she carries that thing around everywhere. If she is eating than she wants the baby in the chair by her. She has a bib on so the baby needs a bib. She is so loving with that baby it puts my mind at ease with another baby coming. Thanks Amy.
- Mowing the lawn (I had that in mind as well but coupled it with spending time with daddy).
The things I had on my list...
-Bananas! The kid would live off them If I let her.
-Yogurt! Another one that she loves and could live off of. She loves most food, but one day I told her I had a treat for her and gave her yogurt, so now it's known at our house as a treat. My mom said she keep asking for a treat, I smiled and told her it was yogurt that she wanted.
-Cell Phones. She has a ton of the toy cell phoes, but she wants ours. She is so funny. She carries it about and says "hello" then it's usually followed by a name of an aunt or grandparant and the rest is jibberish to me, but she loves it. The latest is she will prop it inbetween her sholder and cheek, Like I do when I'm trying to multi task.
-Talking! She can go and go and go! Kris said the other day, wow, she never stops. Who's that? What's that? I haven't really gotten the why yet but man... Where's daddy that question is the first thing she says and she can ask that for 20 straght minutes and I could give her the answer each time, she still would ask it. Perfect example... We went out to dinner for my sister in laws birthday and the whole 15-20 min ride home she asked... Where's Pa, Where's Nana, Where's Cory? Where's KeKe? Where's Mark? This was over and over and over the whole way home. Classic.
-Pockets. I know it sounds so funny, but she loves to have her jacket on becuse she loves to put her hands in the pockets and she loves the pockets in her pants skirts and so on. She loves pockets, go figure!
-Outside! That is easy enough. Anything outside she loves!
- Just a few others are her sun glasses, which she wares every chans she gets.
- Barney!
Well we have been blessed by this amazing little girl and I can't wait to see what else we will discover about her in the coming years! Molly we love you and I know this is early, but Happy Bithday Love!


Uffens Family said...

What a sweet post Linds...She seems like such a sweet little girl and I love reading all the posts about her! She is her mother's daughter!! Happy Birthday to Molly!

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday birthday girl. Wow I can't believe she is going to be two years old. She is such a sweetheart!

Bruner Family said...

Linds that was such a sweet post! As I was reading all the things you both love about her I couldn't help but think that she is a lot like her mommy :) So cute! It has been WAY too long since I have seen her so when are we going to get together? Also how are you feeling? Again, darling post and a happy birthday to Molly! I can't believe it has been 2 years!

Katie said...

Two years! WOW! I love how she is a talker... I would love to hear her. That is one of my favorite things, to listen to little girls blab! Cute post!

Deb said...

She is so adorable!!! I love to see her little face. Two is such a fun and funny age. Just enjoy every minute of her. She is a doll.

The Wyler Family said...

what a great list! she is so adorable!

Kerry said...

OHH!!! She is so CUTE!!! I miss her and showed everyone here how cute my neice is. Can't wait for the big birthday celebration when I get back. See you in less than a week!!!!

brittani c. said...

She is such the little cutie. Did I ever say how in love I am with brown eyes? Happy Birthday!!