Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Think We're Past the No!

Molly is so funny! I taught her at a young age to nod her head yes. I had the thinking that I was not going to have a child that said no all the time...Ya I don't think that you can really change some things, there are just certain stages that kids go through, right. Well Molly went WAY the other way. She says no to everything. The only way you can distinguish between a real no and a yes is she nods her head yes as she says no= yes, or she will shake her head no and say no=no. EVERYTHING WAS NO! You may think I'm exaggerating, but I'm so not. Well the one day last week Kris was enjoying the last of his leftover shake and Molly always loves a good treat. Kris would ask her if she wanted a bite and she would of course, with her mouth wide open and the begging grunts that always seem to come from her when there is food involved. Kris kept telling her yes, well she can't say yes, but we can get a ya when we tell her to say it. So Kris would tell her to say ya. She would say ya and then Kris would ask again, Do you want some ice cream? with out missing a beat Molly would respond, No! Mouth open same thing over and over and over again. Finally Kris asked again "Do you want some ice cream" No was the first reply followed by a quick YA. It was so funny how she would give the No answer without even thinking about it. This was so funny over and over with Kris correcting her every time...She has been so awesome since then. She will totally give you a ya answer for yes and no only when she really means it. If you think you can break bad habits before they start, think again, it's going to take your husband and a nice Oreo shake. It worked wonders for us!

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Ashley said...

So funny! Cute story. By the way I love your Father's Day post and pictures and I can't wait for more pictures of Molly's new room. You are such a cute decorator. I love your home and cute nursery and I LOVE your kitchen. So great!