Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Perfect Saturday!

Yesterday was the perfect Saturday! Kris had come home from work Friday night and had cleaned the house while I was at my girls night out... I know perfect husband (that's another post altogether)! So Saturday we didn't have much work to do. Most of the stuff I need to get done I decided to put off til Monday. We got up about 8:45-9ish I know perfect daughter who sleeps! I was not feeling really well so while we were waiting for the zofran to kick in we all laid in our bed and watched Barney. Well I was watching Kris and Molly they were both way into it. Then we went to "Donald's" as Molly calls it McDonald's to the rest of us. There it was pancakes for breakfast! I don't know why but going out to breakfast is so much fun for me. I love having Kris around on Saturdays and we aren't in a big hurry. After breakfast we went to Nan and Pa's for some pool time. I know it was only about 49 degrees out side, but the awesome thing was the pool was in the 90's. When Molly was good and tired we come home and all laid down for a bit. Then we were up and getting showered and ready. We had some lunch and Molly and Kris went out and washed his car. then we went to the mall to look for an outfit to bring the baby home in... found nothing, but it was just nice to get out. We stopped on the way home and picked up some food from Pei Wei one of my favorite placed to eat and then came home and ate our dinner, Kris had to run to the office for an emergency, but was back just after getting Molly into bed. He had picked up a movie and some shakes... did I tell you, perfect. We sat down together and just spent the rest of the evening hanging out. I love kick back days when we can just spend the day all together. Thanks for the perfect Saturday hun!


Brindley Family est. 1997 said...

I didn't know Kris was so sweet. I'm glad. You deserve it! We can't wait to go swimming with you and Molly soon!

Camille said...

sounds like a wonderful day. what a good guy you have, it is so nice when you can just enjoy everything without being rushed. Jeff and I ate at pei wei too this weekend, I love that place. can't wait to see you guys this weekend ;)

Kari said...

LOVE a lazy Saturday together!!! It does sound like the perfect day :)