Sunday, June 8, 2008

Some Funny Molly Stories!

Molly at 22 months. These are some of the funny stories that have happened this past month. I had put Molly in the shower with me. I had wraped her in her towel and dried her off mostly in the shower and then set her out side the shower. When I steped out There was a puddle and I just looked at Molly. I then asked her "Is this water or pee?" Molly isn't talking a whole lot still and only gives one word at a time. She looks up at me with those big bright eyes and in her sweet little voce said, "It's pee!". There have been other times just out of the bathtub or shower that there have been puddles and each time we ask her we always get the same answer, "it's pee."
The second story I have been debating sharing on the blog, but now that all of this is my journal here we go... Molly has been getting into this hitting thing. She has only been hitting me, at least that is what I thought until I saw her take a swat or two at her friend Thomas. But wether or not it's just me, I'm not a mom that stands for that kind of thing. We have seemed to overcome this once before, but now we are right back to were we started. I have tried time out, I have tried to lovingly correct and show her how to be soft, I swear I have tried everything that I have seen, heard or read, other than spanking which I'm not much of an advocate of. Well the hitting still has not stopped. I started to give her hair a little tug everytime she hits. Don't worry it's not even as hard as it is when I am doing her hair in pig tails. She just kind of looks at me and isn't really sure what to do, laugh, cry, or try hitting again. Well I was changing her diaper the other day and she was on the changing table and she hit me. I grabbed her hand and very seriously looked her in the eye and told her we don't hit! That's not ok! She gave me her scowl that she dose all tooooo well and then reached up and pulled her own hair. I just went on changing the diaper and when I put her down I just started to laugh! It was so funny. It still dosn't solve my problem of how to handle the bad behaveor... I'm telling you 2 is totally uncharted and totaly unpredictable!


The Wyler Family said...

okay, i loved reading all these updates. i miss you and your fun energy! i'm sorry you get so sick during pregnancy. bummer, but worth it. you do have the perfect husband. i hope you appreciate every minute of that pampering. i, on the other hand, never get to see my husband. anyway, molly is so cute. i loved the stories about her.

Erin said...

The pee story is hilarious and so cute! Good luck with the hitting thing. Let me know what ends up working for her so I'll know what to do when Bryson goes through that stage.