Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Little Sickie!

Yesterday was the start of something not so great. Molly seemed totally fine in the a.m. and I got her ready and sent her to school. When I picked her up she was sounding hoarse and as the day went on she sounded more hoarse. That night about 6, while my parents were here, she was laying on the floor and wouldn't eat and just would want to be held and cry. We went for a drive and she fell asleep and so we come home and put her to bed. 10:30 she started to cry out and Kris went in and she had the barking cough and couldn't breath and just felt lousy! I turned the shower on as hot as it would go to create as much steam as I could and just sat in the bathroom for a long time with her while Kris was trying to get Stella back to sleep form Molly's earlier coughing fit and crying. I called my mom about 11:30 and she said bundle her up and take her outside (which I was really hopping to avoid at 11:30 at night. But we decided to have Molly sleep in our room just in case she woke up again coughing like that and then hopefully Stella wouldn't wake up. Kris went into her room and slept there and I bundled her up and we opened my bedroom windows and it seemed to help. I finally got her fever and down and the coughing down and she went to sleep about 2. Then about 4 she was up and coughing again. I got her some more meds (trying to alternate ibuprofen and Tylenol) and then helped her go potty and got her back to bed. About 4:30 she threw up all over my bed (It was kind of nice that she hadn't eaten in almost 12 hours, just fluids) none the less I got her out of bed, wiped her off, clean jammies, changed the sheets, clean blankie, got Molly back to bed still with the temp of 102.6 and then went down to do laundry. I got back into bed about 6:30. The poor kid has not eaten anything today and she has just layed on the couch and on my lap and i just am having a hard time keeping her temp down. 45 min after her last dose of meds her temp was 103.5. I know that is why she has been throwing up, her temp is just so high. I did call the Dr office and the nurse told me watch her for a few days and make sure she is getting tons of fluids. Oh I just feel so bad for the this little on. She is not talking (which is HuGE!, eating, she is just so not herself. I don't know what to do.) I'm sure she has Croup but with a temp like that should I be worried? Sweet girl.


katheryn bard said...

You are a great mother!! I love you and I am glad she is now on to recovery. Love you! Hope Stella is feeling better!!

Camille said...

oh i am so sorry lindz. that sounds miserable, especially the no sleep for you! i hope she starts feeling better tomorrow, and that she sleeps tonight. poor girl. keep us posted.