Monday, February 8, 2010


In November I posted about our over 4 hour wait outside in 32 degree weather with lines winding around the building to get the girls their H1N1 vaccine. This morning I was up at 5 am after going to bed at 12 and getting up with both of my girls, to go put my chair out and sit in my car waiting for a # to get Molly registered for preschool! YES PRESCHOOL! It brings back memories of watching "Baby Boom" where this business woman inherits a child when both parents die. She knows nothing about raising children and is one day sitting in the park and the other moms and nannys are talking about schools. She over hears their conversation and asks a simple question like "When do I register her for preschool?" the women go on and on about how if she was not on the list before she was born there is not a chance of her getting in to any preschool worth going to! Who knew that that is kind of how preschools are around here.
Last year about this time people started to talk about preschools. Being as Molly is my first I had no idea what to do or what age to send her, but knew that she was getting to the point where I knew she would love something like that. I had talked a friend who had recommended several schools all of which were most likely not accepting anybody. I called around and there was no chance she was getting into the schools that I had heard about. There were waiting lists for the waiting lists. So the summer came and I could not shake the feeling that she needed something like a preschool. Molly gets bored and is really smart and likes to be with other people. I just knew that she needed something like that. I didn't know were to look or turn and I finally one night just got on my knees and poured my heart out in prayer. I talked about how I really felt that Molly would love preschool and that I felt she was ready. I also asked that if that were the case and that is what she needed that I would find the best place for her to be.
I am not kidding the next day i got a call from one of the preschools that I was told there would be no way at all for Molly to get in that year and a small chance if at all for the next year 4 year old year. They had an opening and could take her that coming fall. Oh she was so excited and just has loved her class, teachers, school and all that goes with it. I have been happy as well. The school is so close to my house and again love the teachers, class, kids, parents, administration and etc. Well today was early registration for those that already have kids in school. Registration started at 8:30 and they opened the doors at 7:30. So I was planning on going at 7:30. My same friend called last night and she said that she was going at 4:45 am to wait in line. So I called at 5 am and checked out what things were looking like. I went back to bed thinking I'd go about 6 and then I couldn't go back to sleep and was afraid that if I did go back to sleep that it would be worse to get up. So I ended up down there at 5:30. There was totally a line... Like really people who gets up this early to get your kid into preschool. Oh well! We all new that we were crazy and I did get the class that I wanted so that was good. I just can't believe that i did that... Preschool!

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