Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some Funny Molly Conversations!

*Sunday Feb 14 in the afternoon. She was excited about the tea party and kept asking about it but playing pretend with Stella earlier that day...

Molly to Stella: Come on Stell we need to go to our tea party (trying to pull her into her bedroom) Joseph Smith will be there, lets go!

HUMMMM.... wonder what she learned about earlier that day in primary.

*Molly and Mommy: I was trying to explain something that didn't happen the way it was supposed to and this was the following conversation....

Mommy: I'm the bad guy Again!
Molly: (laughing and thinking that sounded funny) Oh mommy, Your not the bad guy!
Mommy: Feeling like my child would love me despite the bad news I was giving her.
Molly: (Not laughing anymore) You're just the Mean Mommy!
Mommy: All feelings of her thinking she would love me anyway GONE!

*Yesterday we had gone to Discovery with some friends and any way long story short I have to go back down on Mon and was thinking it would be fun for my sisters to take the girls...
Mommy: Did you have fun today at Discovery?
Molly: Nodding her head yes!
Mommy: Do you want to go back on Mon with Kat and Whit?
Molly: They will LOVE it! (with a huge smile!)

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katheryn baird said...

she is such a cutie! i am excited for monday! Love you!