Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sleeping! REALLY!

(If I would have waited a few minutes you could have gotten the head up and mouth open)

So here is my little sleeping beauty... The funny thing is that she has not been sleeping much at all, hence the reason for falling asleep on the couch in the middle of the day. Molly kept both Kris and I up ALL night last night, really not kidding! She would come into our room every 20 mins crying about something else, "there's a spider in my room!", "I want a drink!", "I don't want to go to sleep!", "I want to watch tv!" "I need to go potty!" It was really old by 1am but by 5am Kris and I had had it! This is getting really old. Stella will have a horrible night and then sleep all night and Molly will have a horrible night. I just really am ready to go crazy! When they are awake they just cry, no matter what I do, where they are, or what I try, they just scream. My ears are ringing and my head is pounding... Oh Boy! Well Stella is screaming and pulling my jacket because she wants to be on the chair playing on the computer.

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