Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines for School!

I still can't believe she is big enough to take valentines to class. Molly was so excited about this day. We have been talking about Valentine day for a long time. We have been reading some fun books about Valentines day so she gets it! She picked out Valentines for her class and friends and she picked the playing cards. She so proudly wrote her own name on each card. I think she was enthralled with the Tinkerbell and Princess cards. They had made Valentine boxes earlier that week and so they each got to put their Valentines in everyone's box. Molly was really concerned that Ryan wasn't there, but "we put Valentines in his box, I don't think he will want them if he is sick." I love that she is so worried about others around her. They make heart shaped cakes and got to decorate them. I'm so glad that she like it and had a fun Valentines day party with her class.

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