Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Wow!!!! 37!!!! After last years birthday (which was more like mine than Kris's) I decided to try to redeem myself this year! I had several gift ideas all of which fell though, but won't discuss them in hopes that one or two might pan out for a future birthday.

The morning started off early for me. I couldn't sleep and so I got up and got balloons and streamers out and then I headed to the store for a few things. I left everyone sound asleep. On my way out of the store I called Kris to see if he was up and if the girls were up and to warn him not to make breakfast. Oh the way home I picked up hotcakes form McDonald's and some chocolate donuts from the gas station (he loves the chocolate donuts). I got home and Kris was on the treadmill... good thing it was a high fat high calorie day! I had breakfast out and waiting for him when he came up and we greeted him with "happy birthday" song!

Then it was all up to him. He said that he wanted to watch "Up" with the girls and and then we put Stella down for a nap and Kris went to wash my car! Molly and I cleaned out her closet and did some much needed cleaning and waited for Kris to get home. When he got home Stella was up and he was just finishing his car out front. I went to get Stella up and changed and looked out the window at Kris and guess who was outside with him? Yep Molly 23 degrees and she is out there in her underwear and rain boots! Oh boy!
Once Kris was done with the cars and I had retrieved Molly, Kris wanted to go swimming... so we all went. The girls loved it! Not only do they love swimming because they just love it but their favorite thing of all time is spending time with their daddy! They are both very much daddies girls!
We stopped and picked up food from one of Kris's all time favorite Italian restaurants and come home to eat it. We ate a late lunch early dinner and then Kris took the girls and put them into the tub while I worked on his birthday treat! Kris isn't much of a sweet lover and he likes yellow cake ok but usually takes off half or all of the frosting. Being as he just likes cake ok I opted for something different this year, peach cobbler! This is one of Kris's favorites! So that is what we did sat and sun. We had cobbler and ice cream and then opened gifts.

We got the girls into bed and finished getting ready. We had a sitter come about 7:30 and we went to look at speakers for the basement and then picked up diapers form the store and then we picked up a movie and then we headed home (there by 9:45. We watched a little of the Olympics but were both so wiped out we headed to bed early! It's not the day I would have dreamt for him, but I think he had a good day!
I'm so luck for this amazing man! I couldn't think of a better life with anyone! I am so lucky that I married such an amazing man. He is such a great father and husband and is just so much fun to be with. I'm grateful for each year that I get with him and hope to celebrate another 50 birthdays with him! I love you Babe!!! Happy Birthday!


katheryn baird said...

Sounds like a fun day. ;) Kris is awesome, I am so glad that he is part of the fam.

The Wyler Family said...

sounds like a really fun day!

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday Kris! Hope it was a great day.

Brindley Family est. 1997 said...

Just in case you ever need to know... I love those chocolate doughnuts too! And a diet coke!