Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Girl, Stella!

Look at Stella! She is so funny! we had been out and about and when we got home I told the girls to jump in their chairs and we would get them some lunch. Molly got on the stool and Stella just held the stool like she was trying to get up and cried, code for "I want to sit here." I don't know that I like that she is growing up, but she was so desperate to sit on the bar stool so I let her. Now she in not wanting to go back she feels like she is a big girl and that she should sit with all of us. She has done well, which is just more of a realization to me that she is growing up... still not talking a whole lot, but hey still growing and the talking will come all too soon i'm sure.
I know the girls look kind of hammered here... still sick and they look it, their poor eyes. Here are just a few more pick of my little sickie and her loves whether sick or healthy!

She LOVES Boots! she is so funny. She tries my boots on but they are so big she just falls over them and then gets really mad, Molly's are her fav, big, not too big, but just fun! She is a fast little thing and is always running around the house sick or not, you would think that being sick she would kind of calm down... not so much! Bows! She loves them and want them in her hair and yet as soon as I put it in she pulls it out! I feel really bad when I look at those eyes. You can just tell she is not feeling well. Poor baby!

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