Friday, February 26, 2010

All In A Days Work!

Trying to prepare for the New Beginning talk this is what was going on... in addition to Stella in the drawer.

The girls emptied my snack bags in Molly's room... SWEET!

Dishes... Never ends. I remeber my sister in law (who has two kids about my kids age) telling me they only ran the dishwasher every other or every 3 days because they don't have that many dishes to do..... Are You Kidding me? We run it atleast once a day, if not more, I'm totally not kidding or exagerating ether!

Studying, so this isn't the most typical I'm usually preventing kids in drawers or emptying my kitchen drawers and the spoons in the toilet or snack bags emptied and dishes and cleaning and all that!

Fighting... Never fail sisterly love!

Running.... They are here and then they are gone

Dress up. Molly loves to dress up, but not as much with clothing (other than the stuff in Stella's closet that is the 3-6 month clothing, a whole other post) Yet she changes her clothing at least 4 times a day . Stella, she loves shoes! She was so funny. She put my boots on and was walking around the house but they are so big on her that she kept falling over and would get so mad. So then she does this downward dog yoga pose and tries to kick them off the whole time she just screams!

Dinner... 4:50 dad will be home in about 10 min, What's for dinner? Dinner, What's that?
All in a days work!

That night Kris and I were off to the temple for ward temple night and with out a babysitter I wasn't planning on going, but then I got a call from my sister who offered to watch the kids, until I got a phone call from my sister that was so kind to come with her husband and watch the kids so that I could go to the temple... It's been a long time since I was able to go with my husband to ward temple night for lack of a sitter. What a relief and what a nice end to a routine and exhausting day!

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