Friday, February 26, 2010

Stella And The Drawer!

Oh This one is classic!
Last week was kind of a crazy week. A week ago Sunday I was scheduled to talk at New Beginnings for Young Women. Although I had been studding and making notes and studying more and making more notes I really had to take some time to sit down and sift though and collect all of my thoughts and put them into one talk. So Friday I really planned to sit down and go though everything. My kids are good kids, creative (sometimes too creative) and play well together, but usually need supervision. Well I knew they were playing in Molly's room and they were playing well and I had a lot to figure out so I sat at the counter studying and listened to them laugh and fight and everything in be tween. I could hear laughing and then Molly came out very distraught, almost in tears while I could hear Stella's screams from her room. She looked at me and the conversation went something like this...
Molly: Mommy Stellas crying.
Me: I know I can here her, why are you crying?
Stella: Crying gets louder and louder and more hysteric.
Molly: Mommy Stellas really crying.
Me: Molly I know Stella is crying that doesn't mean you need to be crying.
Stella: Getting louder and even more hysteric!
Molly: But Mommy Stella's stuck.
Me: Running to the room... "Why didn't you tell me that!"
Stella: Screaming even louder and faster and more hysteric.

I go into Molly's room and totally can't see her, but can hear her. I was thinking at first that she was stuck under the bed but then I realized that the cries were coming from the dresser. All of the drawers were pulled out and I was trying to figure out how in the world she got behind all of the drawers. I started to try to pull them out but I couldn't get them out. I was kind of starting to panic still trying to pull out the drawers.

Molly leaning against the wall sucking her thumb and clinging to her blankie. She was definitely panicking. Poor Stella was just screaming.

Then I realized what was going on. Stella was in the bottom drawer. She was sitting down was bend over like she was stretching her hamstrings. She was trying to sit up and that is why i couldn't pull out the drawers. she was stuck between the two drawers. Once I knew what was going on I was able to put my hand in through the side of the drawer and push her down more until I could get the other drawer shut!
By the time I got her out she was just shaking and crying. She hung on tight to me, that doesn't happen often, but she is one who bounces back quick and all though she was still shaking but was ready to go go go! She just cracks me up!

(This is the draw that she climbed into the bottom one to be exact.)


katheryn baird said...

Oh poor Stella!!! Glad you figured out how to get her out

The Wyler Family said...

seriously... i think you have the funniest kids. never a dull moment in your house!

if you don't use your hotmail account, let me know. i just sent you an email but i wasn't sure if you still use that account.