Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To Catch a Thief?

So while we were at Lake Powell Kris's dad called him. He said that he had gotten a call from a police officer. The officer asked Kris's dad (Pa) if he knew a this lady we'll call Jane. Pa told the officer that she was a patent of his and his son. That would be Kris my husband. The officer went on to tell him that he had gotten a call from her saying that the younger Dr. Rosanders wife (yes ME) had stolen her computer key board! I know! I hope you're all laughing now and not wondering why I stole her keyboard. Pa explained that we were at Lake Powell and that I probably didn't take the key board. The officer told him that he was going over to her house and would keep Pa posted. The officer called back later that night and told Pa that he had helped her find the keyboard in her closet. The funny thing about this... I have never even met this patent. Any way just a funny story. Next time I should take something better than a keyboard:)