Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's the Little Things!

Tuesday wasn't the most amazing day, so yesterday I decided I needed to change my attitude and if nothing else I would, as Pres. Eyring said, find the tender mercies in my life. So I have been trying to get Stella's birth announcements done and sent out but I have just not had time to sit down and put them together, I finally got that done yesterday. I really should start at the beginning of the day. I took Molly to swim lessons yesterday, the tender mercy is that she has done so well with Kimber her teacher, but she only wants her, no one else. She has loved Kimber and now that Kimber has cut her hours down due to school stress (I hope it's not Molly stress) Molly has a new teacher and she is doing well. I told Molly if she didn't cry and she did everything she was supposed to, I would take her to see daddy after. So after swim we stopped by the office and the tender mercy is that Kris was a head of schedule so he could hang out with us for a few minutes. He took Molly outside and they ate some crackers and went for a little walk. I love that I have a husband that just lights up when he sees his little girls. We missed Kiki at the office so we stopped to get a cupcake and met up with Kerry (Kiki) for a few minutes (love the cupcakes it just makes me smile to see the mini cupcakes and I love the taste, yummy. I also had to stop by the store to get a few things and one of them was mush (oatmeal) and on top of the oatmeal box there was a $1 off coupon someone had clipped out of the newspaper and left on top, how nice. I'm hoping someone decided they didn't need it and left if for the next person, me:) I'm so grateful for the small little things in my life that help me to see the hand of the Lord. I know these are small things, but I think that the Lord knew I just needed to be reminded that His hand in my life if I just look for it. We ended the day with a huge bonk on the cheek with Molly. Poor thing she slipped on the wood floor and nailed her cheek. I really felt bad and it looks horrible. Then I was off to YW's. We went for a hike and it was amazing, the colors right now are fantastic. Again it was nice to be reminded of the Lords hand in my life and His amazing creations around us. So all in all, I didn't get a ton done, but it was a much better day, by looking for the small things.
Kris and Molly hanging out at work!
Oh they were sooo good! Our mini cupcakes.
Marnie's bonk! She was so sad,
but you should know after I took the picture she said "I see, Marnie's bonk?"
I don't know if you can tell, but her check is bruised and red
where she hit it. That's one good battle wound.
Aren't those colors amazing?


Nessa said...

Thank you for sharing this Lindsay! I needed a reminder to focus on all the good things that happen throughout my day. I love reading your blog and following your beautiful little family. I'm jealous that you have changing leaves! Arizona is still around 100 every day!

Uffens Family said...

That is such a great reminder...with these last stages of pregnancy...dare I say I have been feeling sorry for thank you for reminding me the tender mercies! PS...I miss those fall colors!

Brindley Family est. 1997 said...

That is the cutest profile of Molly. We are so excited to see you in a week. Oh and by the way we are kidnapping Molly for a day. Did I already mention that, or did I just think that in my head?