Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Bonk on the Head!

I know it seems like this is all I'm blogging about these days, but this one was just classic. We had go to Target Friday and when we got home Stella had been screaming all the way home so, I brought Molly in the house first and when I walked out the back door to get Stella, Molly slammed the door, (side note I have been telling Molly not to slam doors for over a month now) when I came I explained we don't slam door, you'll smash your fingers or someone else's. I got Stella out of her seat and went to get the bags out of my car so I had to take several trips with only one hand to carry stuff in each time Molly slammed the door behind me and each time I reminded her not to slam doors. When I had gotten everything in Molly took the opportunity to give the door one more good, hard slam, and down came the sign over the back door right on top of her head! It left a mark, but you know I had warned her and warned her. I know it's only been two days, but she hasn't slammed a door since!
Molly's nice mark from the sighn
So this is the door she kept slamming. See the sign above it,
That's what fell on her head!

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Kate Lorraine said...

Ouch! Little Molly needs to be careful... but what fun would there be in childhood if there were not 'booboos' :)