Thursday, October 16, 2008


Holy Cow! So last night my mother in law and 4 sister in laws all went to Thriller.
It was soooo much fun. When we first got there all of the zombies were walking around outside and there was this little
boy that started to follow me around, ya he got a good reaction from me so he just kept coming at me! Once inside I realized not to make eye contact with them and they wouldn't bother me. Becky had gotten front row tickets and it was so fun to sit there but it made me waaaaaaaaay nervous. In the first seen Quasie Moto was talking and was interacting with the front row and touched my face saying that I looked just like his mother, "she had a beard too" I just hate the spotlight like that. Then later on when the guys were doing the chainsaw dance, they came into the audience with their chainsaws, of course there we are in the front row, and they ended up taking someone else from our row up on stage when they were doing a dance with chainsaws. Crazy! Oh my gosh, I loved it. It was so much fun I had such a blast. I totally want to go back again this year and will plan on going next for sure! I love the whole thing, but there were a few that really stood out to me...
1) of course has to be Thriller that speaks for it's self
2) They did a skit type thing of a Lorena Bobbitt singing Cuts like a knife medley it was quite funny, although they had another part later on in the show that I think we were all a little nervous about what the out come was going to be, but it was fine.
3) Dem Bones. This one was sooooo cool. They started off with just tap shoes that glowed in the dark and then did a full dance with these costumes that were bones that were glowing in the dark and that's all you could see. I loved this one!
4) Mr. Roboto. Remember that creepy little boy that was following me around outside... this was his baby, and the kid was magnificent. I would pay again just to see him do that again! He was AWESOME. I really think that this one was my all time fave.
What a fun night all the way around. I look forward to going back!


The Wyler Family said...

sounds fun!

jacksonx03 said...

Oh, I have been DYING to go to this. I am so glad you enjoyed it. Now I know it's a must see!

Kate Lorraine said...

I am glad you had fun! It is a good show. I had a great time as well when I went. :)