Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stella's Blessing Day!

What a perfect day! We were planning on coming home from Lake Powell on Saturday and so the house had been cleaned and ready for Sunday before we left, but due to some unexpected bad weather we opted to head home on Friday, which was probably for the best. I just didn't realize how much stuff still had to get done. Everyone pitched in and helped out with the food, McKenzie was awesome and was so nice to accept my invitation to prepare and do all of the meat! I know how nice of me. She told me that it would be easy and that she was just going to throw it in the crock pot. She still insists that it wasn't an imposition, but it was a relief not to have to worry about making something I had never made before. Thanks so McKenzie! Everyone else was so nice to help and pitch in to make everything so much easier and a much more delightful day. I was so not stressed. I have really had a hard time feeling attractive, I'm sure I'm not the only new mom that goes through this, but finding something to wear and what I would look like at the blessing was really weighing on my mind. I know that sounds really vain. Well Sunday come and as I sat next to Kris who was holding Stella, he just kept looking into her eyes and his eyes started to water... It was then that all thoughts of what I looked like, or what Stella's dress looked like and any other worldly worry just seemed to melt away. My baby was getting a blessing today, and that was what really mattered, and it was my amazing husband that is a worthy priesthood bearer that was giving her her name... That is what really mattered. Kris told me after the blessing was over that he was going to keep his eyes open during the blessing, but that Stella was just looking at him with her big grin and so he knew that he was going to either laugh or cry so he closed his eyes. "And I still had a hard time getting though it." I have one of the most genuine and sincere husbands, no facades, that is one of my favorite qualities in him. The blessing was amazing. I didn't record it, totally spaced it out but some of the things that I remember were,
*That she has already blessed and enhanced our lives and has been a pleasure to have in our home.
*That she would be a peace maker in our home.
*That she would love and honor her mother.
*That she wouldn't always choose the right path, but that she would use and apply the atonement in her life.
When we had Molly one of my sisters good friends gave us a onesie that had her name on it and so when we got home form the blessing we put her in something a bit more comfortable than her dress and the onesie was perfect, because that was the day she was given her name. What better way to celebrate the day you are given a name. I loved the significance of that and so I decided that we would make this a tradition. So when we got home from Stella's blessing we did the same thing. A fun family tradition that our little family has!


Ashley said...

What fun traditions and great blessing day. Stella looks beautiful. I love her dress; was it made or purchased? Did you use the same dress for Molly, or different? What are those boxes, chocolates? Did your mom made the blessing blanket? Just curious as you can tell. P.S. You look great as always!

Camille said...

LOVE the name shirt. so cute. and what were those chocolates?!? seriously you totally do an amazing job, looking incredible while you are doing it :) xoxo

brittani c. said...

What a gorgeous little blessing dress! Stella is changing so much and the pictures of the girls together are so cute!

The Wyler Family said...

sounds like an amazing day! everything looked perfect... including you!