Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gardner Village!

So yesterday we went to see all of the fun witches at Gardner Village with McKenzie, Craig and their kids. It was so much fun to walk around with all of the kids. We did the witch hunt, had some lunch hot dog and corn on the cob, and did some more witches hunt. Once the hunt paper was completed we could go to the bakery and get a cookie for 25 cents. Then the husbands took the kids to the car while McKenzie and I went in to a couple of shops, we were fast (40 minutes) but only Kris and the girls were counting. What a good sport. I think it was fun for Kris and Craig to hang out, being as they were friends before McKenzie and I came along. They would push the strollers around while we horded the other kids. Oh this is funny. So on our way in I had taken the seat off the stroller so Molly could do the stand or sit, I was walking in front and I looked back and Kris was picking Molly up from off the road. I guess while he was crossing the street, which is made of gravel, Molly had slid off the seat and was just laying on the ground. Kris said she was just looking up at him. She didn't cry or anything just looked at us. It was so funny. Any way we had so much fun. Molly was talking about it, and how she loved all of her cousins until she went to bed. Really it was a blast, there were a ton of people, but sill a blast!


brittani c. said...

Gardner Village is such a fun little place. I've never been there during Halloween when they have the witch night, but my sister-in-law goes every year and LOVES it.

Camille said...

super cute, love all the pictures, and i am totally jealous you got your husband to go. which let you sneak into a few shops sans kids :) lucky you!!!

Natalie said...

fun pictures. I'm going there tomorrow with Nic's sisters. Hey, and Hannah has the same cute Halloween shirt! And we must have the same stroller... Sit n' Stand plus?!