Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lake Powell In October!

Oh wow! Another awesome week at Powell! Kris and I decided to take the girls down to lake Powell on Monday. We had such a fun time. Tuesday morning we got up and went in to Page for some groceries, and stopped to have breakfast at McDonald's. Kris had gone to get some salt and pepper and there was an old lady who no lie was probably in her late 70's if not 80's. Anyway she was cleaning and was sweeping and mopping the floor, bless her little heart, Molly looked at her and then looked at me and said "Cute girl, mommy!" then she went into the supply closet to get something Molly kept asking me "mommy where cute girl? Where cute girl go?" She is so funny. She is such a sweet little thing and just loves everyone and finds the best in every one, even that cute little old lady. We went to the beaches to throw rocks in the "Pool" as Molly calls it. We had so much fun just hanging around the house boat and boat rides in the small boat and feeding the fish. I was getting really into my book (Breaking Dawn) I love that book. I wish I had more time to sit and read it. So good! Wednesday came and my mom, sisters Katheryn and Whitney, and my Brother and his wife Cameron and Sierra come down Wednesday. Shortly after they came we decided to go for a boat ride. We all piled in to the boat and headed out for a ride. We weren't very far out and the boat just stopped. We got it to start up again, but it shut down again same thing. We had a hard time getting it started again. In fact we thought that we were going to have to call for help, Kris wasn't sure that he wanted to use the CB to call for help. We finally got it started and were able to bring it in and put it on the trailor. Kris felt so bad that my family had only gotten about 15 minutes in the boat before it puttered out. My mom and sister in law took the kids back to the boat while we were trying to get things figured out. Well even without the boat we had a blast. Molly went off the house boat slide and when she got out of the water she was whining a little but was saying "again, again." I took her back up, but she wouldn't go. We layed out and hang around the boat laying out on top and just having fun in the water. It was such a fun trip and Kris and I were lucky to have so many awesome helpers with the kids. I love Lake Powell, It's so fun to take the kids down and watch as they discover, more Molly than Stella, but I know as Stella gets older we will see that same excitement in her eyes.

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The Wyler Family said...

looks like another great trip! i love lake powell too!