Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Have To Be The Funniest Person EVER!

Oh my heck... I have to be the funniest person I know. REALLY! So at one of the offices that Kris works at they took pictures of all of the staff and he was not there that day... He told them that I could take the picture and so I did. They had sent pictures of what the picture should look like and so I did the best I could with my little photography knowledge and then emailed it to the girl that needed it. I just checked to see if they had sent back an email to see if it would work. They said that it looked great. Playing around I wrote this funny message and played like I was going to send it. (In all honestly I was planning on sending it.) then Kris got all funny and stressed and stern "Don't send that." Well I hit send! It was so funny. Poor Kris. I totally get this from my mom btw (the teasing and joking). I don't know if it will be as funny in the morning when I have had some sleep ( I have been going on about 5 hours on average lately, (Holiday anxiety) that comes form my mom as well.. But oh how funny I am tonight! This is exactly what I sent and she sent an email back saying that it looked great, so posing as my husband this was my response.

I know. What do you expect from such a great looking, handsome young strapping man like myself. Glad it worked out. Kris

Not that Kris is not all of these things and MORE, but for those of you who know my husband he is the most reserved, quiet, almost comes across as shy, but not really, person if you don't know him well... this girl he really doesn't know well and someone he works with... Oh my heck! He cracks me up!

This all kinds of pay back for the 2 am photo shoot.

p.s. Don't comment on the photo... he looks great, but I don't really love these kinds of photos, but that is what they wanted, he on the other hand is very handsome.
p.s.s It's the next day and I still think it's hilarious!


Jodi said...

I think your pretty funny!! Loved the story!

Steph H said...

Oh, Linds! The title alone! I really love you.

Roxcy said...

Oh my gosh that IS funny! I laughed out loud, LOUDLY when I read what you had sent. Lane would be mortified too. :-)