Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Well I woke up all excited and couldn't wait to see what Santa had brought the girls or to see how the girls would react. I have always been the one who couldn't sleep on Christmas eve. So not to change up tradition I was restless all night. I couldn't wait for everyone to get up. So finally about 7 ish I got up and made the traditional syrup and got the pancakes mostly mixed up so that after we were done we just had to mix the dry and wet ingredients and put those thing on the griddle. I was also able to clean up the remaining cookie mess from the night before... still not up I put away some tools that Santa had left out the night before. Again... Still not up. I did a few more things around the house running the disposal included... Mind you I would normally tip toe around the house as to not wake up anybody... I was so not doing that and I couldn't believe that they were all sound asleep with not a care that Santa had come and toys and fun were waiting fore everyone! I am not usually one to complain about kids sleeping in... but come on it's Christmas and they never sleep till 9:30!
Once everyone woke from the dead (all with in a few minutes of each other then the fun began. I don't think what I thought would be the big hits were the big hits. The girls got all kinds of fun things, some of these included Church bags... there was so much stuff in them, but the deal is I keep them in a special place and the stuff gets rotated though and we don't play with it during the week. Sunday actually went pretty smoothly... a few meltdowns at the beginning for Stella, but once she figured there were way more fun things to do on the bench in her bag than sitting on moms lap in the foyer she was great!
Santa also brought Molly a scooter and a full stocking. Both girls got a fairy train set to share,and Stella got a wagon.
Some of my favorite gifts for the girls this year were...

The quilts for the girls. I have never made or pieced a quilt before and decided that I would do that for my girls for Christmas. It was so much fun and I was so happy with how they turned out. My brother in laws mom embroiders and she was so nice to embroider their names on each quilt. I really am so happy with the way it all turned out. There is something that is so satisfying to me when I finish something that I have started and made. It all worked out so well and they are so cute if I can say that!

The ibooks. Stella's was all pictures and Molly's was an abc each letter had pictures of Molly representing that letter, so for b we had a picture of her with bubbles about 2 years ago, and one of her walking on the beach or with her blankie and on and on... it turned out really fun. I have loved doing these books for the girls. I have done them for past Christmases, but I think I will really try to do one every year.

Zhu zhu pets. I know that Santa had looked everywhere for these for my girls, but was not able to find them so he switched gears... Well Santa couldn't but my neighbor Margaret did. She called me and told me she had found them and asked if I still wanted them. I told her yes and though her amazingness she got 2 Marines that were at toys r us for toys for tots to go and get them for her (you could only buy one per person, and she had been asked to get one for someone her mother in law knew and saw there) Long story short... She got them and my girls LOVE them. Thank so much Margaret!

We had a great Christmas. Nan and Pa had come over to watch the girls open their gifts. After opening most of the gifts we started breakfast and it was yummy! I love breakfast! Homemade Pancakes with the homemade syrup, bacon, sausage, OJ, chocolate milk, I did forget the eggs oh well nobody asked about them so maybe nobody noticed. Shortly after Nan and Pa left, my parents came up with my two little sisters... Honestly I still can't believe it. It's been a long time since they have been up... July as a mater of fact. Stella's b-day. Oh it was fun. They came up and spoiled us all. Thank you thank you thank you. I can't wait to get my chairs up down stars. My family didn't stay long and we put the girls down for naps right after they left. Kris and I got ready for the day and watched a movie. After the girls naps and getting everyone ready we headed over to nan and pa's for dinner, and more gifts. Some of the things were not such a surprise like this really cool map of the world that is done with all of the states license plates. I had seen it and fell in love with it and Becky had been asking me what I wanted so I called and told her I loved that... Oh it's so cool! I love it. Other things were a bit more of a surprise...

I had walked in and seen Liam and the back of his shirt and didn't think much about it and then was sitting next to Chelsea on the couch feeding sweet little Sam and Mark come over and said...Chelsea did you see Liam's shirt? I started reading the from that read I'm going to be a and then it hit me I shot off the couch and headed to the kitchen where Jody was. I had just asked her about that less than a week ago. She was so funny. She said she just found out on Mon and she's 12 weeks... Oh how would that be? to be done with the first trimester and not even know you were pregnant? I continue to dream! We are so excited about the expected arrival of a new little nice or nephew this up coming year!

One other amazing gift that was one of my favorite for the girls came that night as well... Jody's boys had my girls for cousin gifts and Jody had made these darling skirts and fun pins and bows to go with them. They are to die for and my girls look so cute in them and needed Sunday clothes so badly so this was a welcomed gift.
You can't really see the pins because of their coats, and I couldn't find Stella's bow (I knew it was in the car somewhere, but it was 8:57 and we were trying to get out the door... How cute! I know you are all wishing you had Jody as a sister in law! I'm just the lucky one!

All in all we were spoiled all the way around! Thank you everyone for making this such a fun Christmas for the get togethers and family visits and the gifts weren't to shabby ether. Thank you! What a fun Christmas! It was another late night and my girls were acting up so we were home to get them to bed. This really was a great Christmas!


katheryn b. said...

What a fun Christmas! Sounds like a party. Does this mean whit and I were awake before your daughters on christmas? that is crazy. But I have a feeling next year that will be different for you. I love you sister and love all the pictures. Jody did a good job on the skirts.

McKenzie said...

It looks like you guys had a great Christmas! I'm so glad you were able to find the zhu zhu pets. and the blankets turned out great. good job. merry christmas!

The Wyler Family said...

wow! what a fun post. those quilts are amazing. way to go! i love all the fabric you chose. i know exactly what you mean about feeling so good about creating somethings. i had never made a quilt before and i made a baby quilt for hannah and was so pleased. after seeing these, i think it's time to make another one.

oh, and i love the books. i started an abc book for ethan a long, long time ago. maybe i'll finish it for him for next christmas!

Neysa said...

Ok...could your kids be any cuter. I LOVE their cute skirts in one of of the pictures. I TOO was always one who COULD NOT sleep on Christmas eve. My little boy was SO excited he couldn't sleep. I had to lay by him so he wouldn't go down stairs. The quilts are DARLING...LOVE IT! It looks like you had a GREAT Christmas this year and that your kids did too.

Camille said...

seriously so cute linds. your girls are darling and you are an over the top great mom. those books look amazing! way to make it great!

Steph H said...

Look how cute your girls look in their little coats and skirts!! I can't believe how big Stella is (Molly too, but Stella couldn't even stand up last I remember her)! Also WOW about the quilts you made! SO cute! I'm way impressed. I really like the iphoto book idea--I might have to steal that in the future. So glad you guys had such a fun Christmas! (P.S. We loved your Christmas card--thanks for sending it! You look so good! Why aren't there more pictures of you on your blog?)