Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas Season.

Man I can't believe how fast this season has gone. It's over and I look back and wondering where the time has gone I have soooo many fond memories of this season. Here are just a few of the fun things we have done to keep ourselves busy.
We planned to go see the zoo lights and when we got there and started getting out and getting the stroller we started to realize how cold it really was. This wasn't just cold the wind was blowing so bad and Kris knew how miserable it would be and I also came to that conclusion after getting out of the car to get the girls in the stroller. So instead we headed up the canyon to a little diner and had dinner and hot chocolate then headed to the see one of our favorite Christmas spots... Christmas Street.

I took the girls to another one of our favorite spots from last year... Christmas UT. This is just amazing. This guy has a light on every exposed part of his house. He has Santa in the window that waves to the kids... totally looks like Santa to me. Then he has synchronized all of his lights to music. He has lights in the shape of people and they are playing instruments... also synched to the music and they look like they are really playing. Anyway there is this whole thing and it is so cool. You sit in your car and turn your radio to 99.9 and you get all of the music from there. Both of the girls loved it. Stella didn't say a thing. She just sat and stared at the lights and occasionally pointed and Ohhhhed a little bit. Molly kept saying "We should bring daddy back here!" They are so cute! Always thinking of there daddy.
This is Santa in the window.
musicians and they move their instruments and really look like they are playing.
There are lights on every sq inch of this house and when the music is going it's soooo cool because it lights up at different times to go with the music.

All of this has been really fun and great, but what is Christmas without the true meaning of Christmas? We made it down to temple sq to check out the lights and the Nativity. Molly was really good... Stella really only cared that she was getting smarties. It was so cool. What an amazing story. We made it up to see the Christus and hear the words that had been spoken by our Savior.

with our trip to temple square almost done we made one last stop... a buggy ride. I remember going on a buggy ride when I was just a little girl. It was around Christmas and it was only once, but man I remember it. Molly loves ponies and keeps asking if she can ride on one. So we decided to bite the bullet and take a ride. Oh my gosh!!!!!! It was so fun. My girls were amazing. Stella did kind of freak when she saw the horse behind us. Our horses name was Wessen. He was great our driver was Scooter. We loved it and when we were getting in the girl told us that this was the only heated buggy... Man we hit the jackpot. Oh it was so fun to ride around temple square and Molly loved it. What a fun thing to do! I don't know if the girls or I had more fun. I just loved being there with them and doing that and something that brought back so many memories. Oh I loved it!

Not all of our activities have involved the kids. We had a fun night out with the Rosander side of the family. Kris' sister was here from Vegas and so all of us adults to dinner and then with a twist to the night... Pa took us all to Sports Authority and gave each couple some money. We could get whatever we wanted, but we had to get something for each of us and then get as close to that amount without going over... can you say fun? Really it was awesome! Thanks Pa! Kris got running shoes, a pull up bar, and I got a keddel bell (Way cool, but I need to get the wrist protectors).
We also had the annual Baird family date night! PF Changs.... can you say ummmmmmmmmm! Then we headed up the street to walk around temple square. So much fun. I love those date nights and look forward to it every year.

One other fun thing that I did with the girls on a day that Kris was working. We went to Cabela's. We got to see all of the fish. Stella was a little apprehensive (she starts to get really clinging and wants to just hug you, so funny!). But she love the airplane. they also loved all of the animals and we look at a lot of animals that kind of looked like reindeer. Molly Really loved that.

This is kind of the short version of what we have done leading up to Christmas. Wow how fast time flies. We have loved spending time with our amazing little girls and family and friends!

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