Monday, December 28, 2009

The Holiday Fun Continues!

I have been telling Molly that we can decorate her gingerbread house before Christmas, things just have seemed to get so busy and we have not had time to do it. Sunday was the day. I took the day off of doing my personal progress interviews that I have been doing for weeks now and spent some much needed R&R time with my family. Kris and I watched another movie and then when the girls got up from their naps than we started fun stuff. Kris played Fancy Nancy, (Molly's new favorite game, thank you mom) and I tried to catch up on some much needed blog post (journaling) Then Kris picked up a book to read for a bit and I told Molly this was a great time to do her house. She was thrilled. She did such a great job. I was happy I had thrown away the box because sometimes my need for perfection takes over and I think it should be a professional look, when in reality it doesn't matter what it looks like. In fact Molly had a lot more fun just putting things wherever she wanted instead of her mother telling where to put what. Honestly I really have to work on doing that, but when I do, I realize I have way more fun and so does Molly! She was so proud of her little house. She kept saying "Daddy look at my house. Isn't it so cute?" She did great and had a lot of fun. I'm grateful for the time I get with them and for the time making memories. I love this little girl. She seems to be growing up all to fast!

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Steph H said...

Linds--you're a FANTASTIC photographer! Look at these pictures! They look so professional and artistic. Way to have a good eye for angles and composition. I love the tasting photo as your header.