Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Break For ALL Of Us!

It was nice to have Christmas on Friday and know that Kris didn't have to go back to work the day after. Saturday was great. We got up and Kris made pancakes for the girls and then we all went sledding. It was a blast. Stella wasn't so sure about the big hill and got a little apprehensive about going down. After getting to the bottom she would just want to hug you and feel that safety and security. Molly who is usually my scaredy cat loved it... I thought it would be the other way around Stella would love it and Molly would have taken more time to warm up to it than Stella. Not so. Molly I think remembers it from last year. We played for about an hour and then they played on the playground for a bit. I love having Kris home and being with the girls. The girls love it just as much as I do!


katheryn b. said...

looks like fun!

The Richards Family said...

so fun! I need to take my kids sledding.

The 6 Bairds said...

Wow what a great dad!!!! I am amazed at the amazing husband and father Kris is. I couldn't have ordered a more perfect son in law. We LOVE him. We love the rest of you too!