Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Have I Been Doing?

Holy cow!!!!!!! I can't believe how much work that that one little work out room was. I'm so glad that it's done. That makes it 3 rooms down and done and 4 more to go... oh kill me! No I really need to focus on what we have accomplished. We have been working on the basement since I found out I was pregnant with Stella. In fact we were working on the basement when I went into labor and here we are 8 months later and still not done. I figure if I wait for it all to be done it could be an eternity. so here are just 3 rooms that we have got done. They were easy and didn't really require a lot of work that is why you will see the other rooms later they have been very labor intense.


Amber said...

I love all your updates! Pictures please? I love peeking at projects!

Camille said...

i want to see pictures too!! maybe i will just have to come take a peek myself :) i am loving the updates!