Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

When we got up. I got some cereal for Molly and we made sure the milk was green. Molly had swimming and we wanted to stop and get some green bread and some St Patrick's cookies. So we stopped and then headed to swimming. When we got home we got the girls all dolled, made lunch for Kris, and decided to go visit him at work. His lunch had a Green turkey sandwich, Green Mt. Dew, Green grapes, and a Green clover cookie. We wrote a not on his napkin (in green) and Molly was so exited about taking daddy lunch. She thought that was so cool! We talked to Kris for just a second because he was really busy, but he did make time to get her some fruit snacks from the back and sneek one more into her pocket for later. When we came home we made a Green lunch for Molly. We put it on a Green plate, she had Green grapes, a Green chicken sandwich, and a Green cookie. She loved it. Later that day I had planed to make Breakfast for dinner, and make it all Green, but Kris was going to the Jazz game so we just did some left overs. All in all it was a really fun St. Patties day. I did have some things I didn't get done, but there is always next year. Happy Birthday Cam! I hope it was a good one!

Molly and her Green Cereal
Kris's Green lunch
Molly's Green lunch

Loved every bite!

The girls in there St. Patrick's Day outfits Grandma got for them!

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brittani c. said...

You are daring to try out the green bread. Were the sandwiches good? :)