Monday, March 9, 2009

FHE with Papa & Vonda!

We feel so blessed to live close to Kris' family. My family is close, but not close enough that we can just drop by or have people come and drop by for us. We were planing to go and see Papa and Vonda, but as we were talking about it I asked Kris if we should just invite them over for dinner and FHE. We called and invited them over and that was so much fun! We loved our visit and lesson and everything else! They were so cute with the kids. Molly and Vonda played catch and Molly thought that was really the coolest thing ever. Molly also love sitting on Papa's lap and just kicking back. Vonda had brought cookies and they were so yummy! Molly was so funny for days after she was talking about "Vonda and Papa come to dinner and eat chicken and rice, bring cookies, that fun huh mommy?" It was really fun to have them come over. We don't get to spend a lot of time with them so this was fun to have them come and spend time with our little family! I know these pictures aren't great, but I love that they all look like they are having a blast!

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