Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So Sunday it was my turn to teach and the lesson was on the "Courage to Try" I always love to teach but there are just some lessons that just seem to hit home and are mostly for me! This one was one that was just for me. I have been wanting to learn how to play tennis for a long time. A Really Long Time. Kris has tried to teach me but I get to frustrated and so he just told me to have someone else teach me and to relax and not get frustrated with myself. Last year Kris gave me a racket and tennis stuff, but I have still not had the courage to go by myself to a tennis workout. the workouts are full of women that have been playing, they would all be better than me and more experienced and on and on. Well in preparing my lesson I came up with a theme. The cowardly lion. The cowardly lion was only able to overcome his fears by doing those things that scared him most. I came up with ideas on how to handle being afraid and over coming the fear. There were some ideas in the manual but I came up with ROAR! That is was a lion does. They ROAR! To show courage we need first ROAR... I came up with R.O.A.R. Realize Opportunities At Risk. You must first stop and realize the opportunities that you could miss out on, by being paralyzed by fear. This is when I needed to realize what I was missing out on. This gave me that extra push I needed. I was sick all week long knowing that I was going to a tennis work out on Friday, but I went, I conquered my fear and I LOVED it! I was terrible, the worst one there, but I loved it none the less. The funny thing is that I'm a pretty daring person. I have been sky diving, bungee jumping, swimming with dolphins, zip lining in Haunduras, Cave tubing in Balize, served an LDS mission and I loved all of those things and none of them were half as scary for me as going to this tennis lesson. I just come to realize that for every person they have different fears, and I'm so proud of myself for conquering mine. I'm still a little sick about going again this Friday, but not half as sick as I was last week. I'm glad that I R.O.A.R. in the face of fear, and I look forward to R.O.A.R.ing more!
These were little boxes that I made with little lions on the band. They had ROAR on one side and the other had R.O.A.R. Realize Opportunities At Risk. Then you take off the band and the box was full of quotes on courage.

These were fun to make! They are little lions, just in case you couldn't tell. They are lion cupcakes. They were so much fun to make and I just really got on the lion theme.


Jodi said...

You over-achiever, you!! Those boxes and cupcakes are SO cute! I'm going to have to call you next time I need a little inspiration!!

Ashley said...

Holy Moly. I want you to teach my Sunday lesson. Sounds great!

Emily*Scott*Logan said...

Those are the cutest cupcakes! I love how creative you are.

Kari said...

What a fabulous idea!! I'm sure the YW learned a lot not only from your idea but from your example :)