Thursday, March 12, 2009

Squishy lips!

I had totally totally forgot this story until today and I was reminded how funny it was so I had to write it down before I forget again! 2 weeks ago we were going to buy paint! We stopped to get Fuelers (for those of you who are not Rosanders and don't undersand what that is ... in short they are refill fountain drinks.) While Kris was in getting our drinks at the gas station he noticed the free popcorn and decided to get some some. He got a small tub and brought it out for all of us to share. For me it wasn't worth the points, for Kris... He takes one bite and then said "I always forget how much I hate this stuff, it gets stuck in your gums." So Molly ate the whole thing mostly by herself. When we got home she had started to cry and complain... nothing new, but she was saying "My lips are squishy" It took me a second to understand and comprehend what she was trying to say. Her lips were getting puffy and feeling funny. Nothing that you would probably notice, but for me who has the same reaction when I eat to much salt... that's another funny story, My lips start to feel like they are fat. Poor thing she got that "Squishy lip" thing from me!

Here is the funny story:
So several years ago I went on a cruse with my family. mom, dad, some of my aunts, some of my uncles, and some of my cousins. It was a blast. There was one day we decided to go snorkeling while we were in Costa Maya. We found this guy to take us oh this is just where it starts to get funny. We just find a guy when we got off the boat, we didn't go though the cruise line. We took a taxi and ended up at this little place they rented canoes and had a cool beach. There was a small dock and at the end a pretty nice boat. They were talking to us about how many they could take because it was a small boat. We were all assuming that it was this little boat. There were I think 7 or 8 of us that decided to go snorkeling and there was one other couple that was put in with our group. This other couple also had his elderly mother... this couple was the age of my grandparents, so you can only imagine how old his mother was. She was very nice, in a wheel chair. She was told that she could come with us all and just sit in the boat. She didn't want to leave her wheel chair... Hi this is mexico! So we were all walking down the pier and headed to the boat. When we were just about to the boat the guy that was taking us (who didn't speak English) told us to stop. and waved us over.... to get in this boat that was not even 1/3 of the size of this other boat. We are talking about a SMALL FISHING BOAT! a tiny run down fishing boat. I think we all thought we were doomed! We piled in and watched as my dad and brother helped this REALLY old lady into this boat that we didn't have too much confidence. Man it took some work to get this lady into the boat, but finally they got her settled and Cameron turned, just then this lady tipped backward and fell right on top of all of the life jackets feet in the air laying there laughing looking like a little animal that died with all 4 legs up (sorry I just want to get you the whole picture.) So we finally get this little (not so little she was really quite big) old woman settled and her wheel chair in the boat and the rest of us packed in. Going over the waves I think my dad (Mr. Adventure) started to wonder if we were all going to be able to survive this trip. So we get out further into the ocean and the snorkel guy (who again speaks no english) takes off his short (I'm pritty sure he was wearing white skivies! He jumps into the water and had most of us follow. My mom and the old lady stayed in the boat! We had been out for a little bit when my eyes started to burn and sting. I was having a hard time keeping them open, they hurt so bad! I decided I had better head back to the boat, but by the time I had made this decision I really could not open my eyes. I was having a hard time finding the boat without being able to keep my eyes open. I finally made it back to the boat and my eyes were completely swollen shut, not to mention my lips were huge! My mom just started to laugh. We found fresh water from a water bottle and started to rinse my face. I was explaining how I was kind of starting to panic because I couldn't find the boat and the old lady said "It shouldn't have been that hard, It's the only one with a wheel chair in it" She had quite a sense of humor. That was the first time I really started to realize that I have an allergy to salt, I have to rinse my contacts in a special saline solution. I really start to feel my lips swell when I have had a ton of salt...Edamamae will really get me, but it's so good! I can't pass it up. I also am very careful in the ocean now. I really try not to let my face get in the water... I never know what will happen! Anyway just a funny story I wish I could play it for you... Oh it was soooooo funny! What a fun memory. This is always one we bring up around the dinner table. Poor Molly inheirited my squishy lips!


Steph H said...

Man, that's hilarious! And sad for you... swimming in the ocean is one of my favorite things in life.

The 6 Bairds said...

I must say that was one of the funniest things ever. What a great trip. I laugh every time I remember your face when you swam up to our boat! Hilarious!
Love you Mom
P.S. I should have taken a picture!