Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stella Strides!

So Sunday the 15 we were sitting in church and I started to wonder what Stella's teething status was. So I stuck my finger in her mouth and there it was. Still not poking though but it was coming the bottom right! Then two days later on Tuesday the 17 Stella decided she was ready to start crawling, and off she went. She is so funny. It took her about 2 days to really get enough speed to really get anywhere and figure out how to go in the direction she wanted to go (that could be scary if she is like that when she learns to drive) but now she is all over the place. She is sooo funny. She LOVES Molly and she will follow her all over the house and they are just so funny to watch. I can hear them just laughing together. They do the same thing in the car. When they look at each other they just start to laugh, both of them those real deep and sincere laughs. I think that this so far has been one of the funnest mom moments. Stella just adds so much to our home. I can't imagine life without her. What a sweet little spirit she is. I feel blessed to call her mine! Oh I just love this littler girl. Stella has these eyes that seem so wise and thoughtful. She seems to just look right though you and just seems to have this spirit about her. Oh she just makes me melt.

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Kari said...

I just love baby milestones - they come and go too quickly!!