Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What A Day!

Man. Where to start. So Sunday my tire was flat because of a screw. Which just put a whole kink in Monday morning. My girls cried all day long. Really no exaggeration. Then I was going to get dinner started and so I put water on the stove to boil and jumped into the shower... Don't worry I was in there for all of 3 minutes seriously. I turn the shower off and I hear this hysterical crying. I grab a towel and head to Molly's room and when I go in there she can't even talk she is crying so hard. I look over and on her rug is a big blob of poop. OH MY GOSH! I look at her and still can't get her to tell me what happened. Let's back up a few days. I got Molly some of these really cute pink pull ups with princesses on them. When I got them we had a talk about how we don't pee or poop in these, and if we do that we got back to baby diapers. Now back to our poopy room... She couldn't get out of her room and she didn't want to get her pink pull ups dirty.... Nice one by me! So now I'm trying to clean up poop and wash the rug and anything else that my have made contact, make dinner, oh ya I'm still in my towel so I still need to get dressed too. and then my teething baby wakes up about that time and will not let me put her down. HOLY COW! REALLY? We decided to go to Costco for FHE to get the finishing touches for the workout room, being as I had set a goal to get this room done by last night. I was going to stay up until it was done. We got home unloaded the car and put Molly to bed. Kris and I headed downstairs to work on the workout room and Stella would not let me put her down. She just kept crying. The poor teething little girl. So I called my amazing sister in law Kerry and she was so nice to come and take Stella for a walk. She will never know how much relief that gave me! I feel so bad that I roped Kris into this and now I can't even help because I can't put Stella down. That was so nice of Kerry to come and help and be (or act) happy to do it! She is amazing HUGE THANKS TO KERRY! Well needless to say that the room didn't get done, but hey someday right? I'm just glad that yesterday is over!

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