Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stella 18 Months!

Height 32 in 61%
Weight 21.75 lb 14%
Head Circumference 19.1 in 93%

*Finally sleeping though the night (most of the time)
*Talking more, even just the last two days
*She makes the funniest faces. I love each one of them. One of my all time favs is the surprised face.

*babies, dolls or the real thing she loves them all.
*chocolate milk. She was fine with just milk until she was introduced to the good stuff.
*purses, not to just go through other peoples, but a play one that she can carry around herself.
*chewing on her tongue
*the computer
*my phone
*the spoons (I rescued them with a fraction of a second to spare from the toilet.)
*toilet (kill me!)

This little girls is a busy one, but she adds so much fun, joy, and just plain old spunk and she really is a breath of fresh air, even though often times she is getting into trouble for one thing or another.
We love you Stell Bell!

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katheryn b. said...

I love the pictures! You are a great photographer. Where did you take them? And you have such cute kids! Because they come from a good looking couple.