Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Now Have Two Little Fish!

We had quite a long break from swimming over the holidays, but it was time to get back to business and get back to the pool. This session we put Stella in. Stella has taken a few lessons here and there, but we were ready to get serous. This little girl is so funny! I put her suit on and she started to kind of freak. She cried though most if not all of her lesson, but has gotten better. This isn't just splash in the pool kind of lesson. These are the survival swim lessons and they are pretty intense. It's really hard to watch your child like that crying out for you and panic, but you have to put a brave face on and just smile and clap when you see them and let them know they are just fine, It's a lot easier to say that then actually do that. Blesses her hear. The second lesson went much better and we took the girls swimming on sat and she would do everything for me and didn't cry other than just getting in the pool... I'm hoping it gets even better, I know it will.
Molly is doing great. She is a little fish and is getting much better and swimming. She still gets a little panicked and her rollbacks aren't as clean as they should be, but they are coming along. She is so fun to watch and is really loving swimming.


The Richards Family said...

LOVE SWIM KIDS. We are starting again in March. I am being brave and putting Camden in this year too!

katheryn b. said...

Cute kids! That is so fun they are taking swimming lessons. Love the swim suits

The Wyler Family said...

so cool. i really need to get ethan into some lessons before summer.