Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Pride & Joy... More Like My Greatest Challenge & Greatest Joy!

Oh this little girl... so this morning I got up all excited about going to breakfast with my friends. Kris had gone to get on the treadmill and Molly was entertaining Stella while still in her crib (that is the best place to keep her while getting ready, so I had waited to get her up for the morning.) Finally I went in to get her up as I was ready to leave and what do you think I found... a baby with her jammies unzipped and partly off (because she couldn't get them all the way off) her diaper hanging half way out of her jammies and she was soaking and reeking of the smell of urine from head to tow! So being short on time I had to throw her in the shower and wash her all off and leave the rest until I got home from breakfast.
This girl goes and goes and goes from the time she gets up to the time she finally stops crying (sometimes 2 hours) and goes to sleep at night. She has also pulled out all of the clean and folded laundry Kris had ready to put away. She keeps touching the tv and the computer and I am really thinking I need a vacation! Did I mention the screaming and whining? That is what she does all day long if you really don't believe me just ask someone that spends time with her!
On the other hand she can be so funny and her little face, oh just so cute! I love her surprised face and she really is fun, but man A LOT of work. Again...

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Camille said...

oh that girl! looks like the tape needs to come out. we have taped every single one of our kids diapers at one point or another :)