Friday, January 8, 2010

Goodbye 2009... Hello 2010!

Well I had a hard enough time just getting the girls measured and weighed so they were not included in the rest of the activities.

22.8 lbs
31 in tall

Memorable in 2009:
Sitting up 6 months
Learned to Walk 10 months
stopped drinking out of a bottle 13 months
drinking real milk and decided she Loves it 13 months
1st hair cut 16 months
SLEEPING THOUGH THE NIGHT (most of the time) 17 months

30 lbs
37 in tall

Memorable in 2009:
Potty trained
Went to preschool
Was brave enough to swim back and forth to Kris and I at Lake Powell (always in a life jacket)
No more pull ups at night
1st hair cut

Made my 1st quilts
Sowed the girls a few skirts
Got a sowing machine
Basement flooded 3 times
Trip to San Fran with Kris
Trips to Powell
Rosander trip to Powell (1st time we have been back with them in over 4 years)
Cydne got home form her mission.
Kerry (Kris's sister) & Ben and Cydne (my sister) & Braden were married
2 new nephews (Sam & Dax)
1 pregnancy announcement (Jody, Kris's sister #3)
Pa's Diagnosed and surgeries (There has been so much more with this as well)
My grandpa made many trips to the hospital this year, many close calls.
Obama Was sworn in as president
Saw Wicked for the first time ever from the 3rd row. AMAZING
Stood in line for 4 hours to get the girls H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine, outside in 32 degree weather
The new addition of "The Magic Genie" (a.k.a. my i phone). Loved by me and my girls!

Lake Powell 4 times
Stranded at Dangling Rope
San Fran trip
Never ending basement
Fixed my 3rd gear
Lindsay got a new calling
Pa's ordeal
WE Survived!

Goals for this year:

Go to Lake Powell many much more times. (Brian Reagan reference)
Finish the Basement
Attend Temple each month
Get Buff

Finish BOM twice
Loose 15 lbs by Memorial day
Develop my creative hobbies & skills.
Be more patent and kind in word and deed.
Better at 10 min pick up!
Early to bed, early to rise. (so hard for a night owl)

2010... HERE WE COME!


MiShelle said...

Hi Lindsay! I was so glad to get your post so I can see your blog. LOVE Molly's bob. What a cutie. And little Stella isn't as little as I remember her! They grow too fast. Cute blog. Glad we can keep in touch.

Addy* Sue said...

Sooo cute. I love your girls so much!

The Wyler Family said...

this is a fun recap of the year. i still need to write down my goals for the year. they're all in my head, but they need to make it to paper. :) what's your new calling???