Sunday, January 3, 2010

Moving On Up... Primary!

That's right! My big girl is now a sun "beep". I can't believe that she is already in primary. I'm so torn. She is growing up and just getting bigger and bigger. I miss my baby, but it is also really fun to watch her grow. She got to go to a primary party to meet her teacher and find her class room. The whole primary was invited and what a fun party.
This was her invitation....
How cute! I'm so excited about Molly's teachers. I worked with one of them in YW a couple of years ago and Loved her and the other teacher I haven't gotten to work with in any organization, but have had her girls in YW and know her and love her!
So yesterday morning I took Molly to the church at 9 and introduced her to her teachers. I left her with her teacher and then she got to have a picnic style breakfast. The bishopric made pancakes for everyone and from what I heard Molly loved every minitue of it. She was a little hesitant at first, but by the time I hit the door to leave Molly could have cared less if I was around. She had such a fun morning. I'm so excited for her. I know she will just eat this up.
Molly came home from church 10 years older. She was amazing during sacrament meeting and came home wanting to teach us a lesson (Kris finaly broke it to her that the book she was using was the dictionary, not the scriptures like she kept saying.) I think she really can feel a differance in being with the older kids. She is such a sweet heart and I love her. I will miss peeking in that little window to see her as I pass by the nursery, but now I will get to look for Stella. Man time is just flying by.

Molly in her PJ's all ready to go to the party!

Molly & Suzanne. This was just as I was leaving... It didn't take long to warm up.
The Bishopric working on the pancakes! They are so great! We love them all!
Molly & Suzanne. She didn't want to leave.


The Wyler Family said...

such a fun idea. adorable invitation.

Steph H said...

Oh I miss the ward! And I loved the breakfast last year and meeting my cute little primary kids. Such a great tradition.