Sunday, January 3, 2010

The New Year!

I got to teach the lesson to all of the young women today on goal setting and personal progress. Oh I LOVED IT! Not the lesson per say, the girls didn't say much at all! But I loved this topic and at this time of year. I loved studying about goals and I think the teacher always learns more than the learner. Now that my study for my lesson is done I'm ready to get back to life. I am ready to sit down and map out my year and what's important to me and set my goals. Tomorrow nights FHE will be all about the stats (we use to do this the first FHE of every year growing up.) measure, weigh (I will not be included in the weigh in) and then the highlights and big things from the past year and the predictions and goals for this coming year! Oh I look forward to it. I feel that this year is a fresh start!Save Now

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