Sunday, January 17, 2010

Even More Sledding!

While Amy and her kids were here we were able to meat up with them to do some more sledding. Molly was in heaven having someone to carry her up the hill each time and then someone fun to go down with each time. Amy took her down, Kam took her down and I took her down. She looks so funny when I took her down. I had my feet down just enough to make sure I wasn't going to take out any poor unsuspecting kid walking up the hill and by the time we got to the bottom Molly was covered in powder. She is so funny. Stella even had a few good runs. It was a blast and Molly loves to be dotted on. Sledding is always fun. Molly picked Amy as the best to go down with.

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The 6 Bairds said...

whoa, that was weird, we couldn't tell if the close-up side shot with the blue hat was Stella or Molly. At first we thought it was Stella. It must be one of Amy's kids. I guess your kids are difinate Rosanders! Cuties the whole lot of them!
Love you