Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stella Stats 15 Months

Length: 32 in 82%
Weight: 21 lb 3 oz 18%
Head Circumference: 48 cm 92%

Stella got some shots even with her lingering cold,
and she did so great. She cried for at the most 20 sec after.
She was so good bless her little heart.

Hib, Diphtheria Tetanus & Pertussis,
and Pneumococcal Conjugate.

A few things about Stella right now are...
*A few Words. They are kind of hard to understand, but I get them. Momma, daddy, diaper, blankie, & dog
*She has figured out how to Climb up on the couch and chairs and other things (lots of ouwies)
*She is loving giving Kisses. She is so cute, it's mostly open mouth. Still cute.
*She is great at letting us know how she feels, mostly with Tantrums. Oh and they are good.
*She is getting more leery of others around her that she doesn't know.
*She only Sleeps through the night when she is sick. Really this is no lie. She has never really been a good sleeper.
*She is wanting to Feed herself, this can be messy and really not pretty, but she is determined to do it herself.
*She is such a Tease. She will come running around the corner with Molly close behind her screaming because Stella has taken Mollys blanket. Stella has her own, but she just likes to tease Molly so she likes to take Molly's for the reaction.
*Along with Molly's blanket she loves her own Pink & Brown Blankie.
*Stella's nick name "Hurricane Stella" The thing about Stella is she is quiet and by the time you know she is there she has really torn things apart.
*She loves to go though and pull our everything in Drawers.
*She loves the Toilet and putting things in and pulling things out. I caught her in my toilet stirring in the water with my hair brush... Nice!
*She is a Screamer. When she's happy, mad, grumpy, when she wants something, thrilled... She loves to scream and she is Loud!
*She loves Necklaces. She loves to play in my closet with all of my necklaces, she has broken 2 and I try to watch her so she won't get in them. She has some play ones all her own and she walks around like she is Hot Stuff. She is so funny.
*She is very much the Spice in our family. Often times in our house you will hear the "STELLA!" Followed by "ARE U KIDDING ME?" "AUA!" She is just a goer and she just never stops. I just really don't know what we would do with out this little one. We feel blessed that she came to our family!

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