Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas Help!

For Christmas I have requested church bags for each of my girls from Santa. It is so hard to keep them occupied during sacrament meeting. We have it last and it's right during nap time and we do everything but tap dance for them, and I have thought about it several times. I have decided to ask Santa for a bag for each of them stuffed full of stuff for them to do and things we need and then they go in the closet so the only thing I should have to change out should be treats. Here is where I'm kind of stuck. Santa asked what I would like in the bag here is a list that I have...
*HAND SANITIZER (now that Stella will be going to nursery we will need this after class)
*Water bottles/ cups with a drink
*Diaper wipes (this is not just for dirty diapers. Love these things)
*Colored pencils/ coloring book
*Sticker books
*Magna Doodle (mini)
*Treat bags
*Magnetic princess dolls
Any other ideas that you use and work for you? I really dread Sundays because I know we'll be fighting with kids the whole time. I do make Molly wait till after the sacrament for any toy, treat, or anything else... That is kind of soft being as we are just trying to keep our kids quiet!

Speaking of... here are some of my ideas for treats that I've used
*Yogurt chips
*Fruit snacks or stickers (we got that from Brooke B.)
*String cheese

I'm really looking for healthy snacks... any other ideas?

Please Help! Santa Would Really Appreciate It!


Liz said...

File folder games are great (but a lot of work to put together). If you just walk around deseret book or seagull book they have a ton of fun things to put into them that are church related. There is a book you can get from the distribution center as well that is chuck full of church pictures and I find that is great to have during the sacrament because we can go through the pictures and whisper the stories to the girls. Church sure is fun with little ones!

margaret wheeler said...

My boys love making fruit loop/ cheerio neckalaces. It keeps them busy & quiet but still doubles as thier snack. XOXO

margaret wheeler said...

I just thought of more...stickers-our current favorites are the foamy ones. They will sit & make a sticker picture for two minutes at least! :) Crayola has some awesome products. We love thier stencils & Color Wonder markers & finger paints. They also have something I think is called an activity center. It is like a white board with interchangable things inside that they can color or trace letters & numbers. Good luck!