Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Day/ Night '09

Grandma & Stella
Wee Wee the best Bowler in the house!;)
Sweet Eleanor!
Molly is scared to death of dogs, but as long as Eleanore was sleeping Molly LOVED her.
I love him!
Oh this sweet face... how can you resist?
Dad & Mom
Cyd & Brade

Cameron, Sierra, Eleanor, & Tanya
Abby, Josi, McKay, & Kimball
Wee Wee & Kat

This was such a fun day! We decided to have a Halloween party and it was a blast! My mom is just so much fun and put all of these fun things together for all of us. (I'm sure my sisters helped as well). We got there about 1, well were supposed to but it seemed like we were all running a little late. She had Sloppy Joe's for lunch (a Halloween dinner tradition) she had cut the cheese into the face of a jack o lantern and then we played our games. We broke up into 2 teams and started off with the candy corn toss... my team... VICTORIOUS, our prize was a candy lay. We went pumpkin bowling and then on to the fishpond... my kids totally scored... Stella got a play phone, Molly a Strawberry shortcake polly pocket Kris and I scored as well movie tickets. Yea Date Night! Oh my kids loved it. Then we decorated cookies and made carmel apples. Oh everything tasted so good and it was so much fun. I love that all of us dressed up:)
Dad: Cowboy
Mom: Minnie
Kris: BIG tourist
Me: Witch
Molly: Witch
Stella: Witch
Cameron: Vampire
Sierra: Postal worker
Tanya: Attacked Postal worker
Eleanor: Had this cute little skirt on, she looked adorable.
Cydne: Chinese Girl
Braden: Louigi
Katheryn: Cowgirl
Whitney: Indian
The Manning kids were so cute. Molly loved spending time with them.

After the party we were on our way home and stopped at a few houses being the Moultons, He is so cute. He had driven by our house earlier that day and told us to make sure to bring Molly up. We stopped and they had large candy bars and 20oz cokes. Holy Cow! Then due to falling apart Stella and I came home and Kris took Molly over to his parents. We only hit 2 other houses in the neighborhood. I really am loving this not quite getting trick or treating, one day I will have to go and I'm sure I will love it, but it's really nice to just hit a few houses and enjoy our night at home. What a fun year. Thanks to Mom for putting that party together. So fun!

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