Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow... Please Let It Snow!

Molly has been asking me for weeks when it's going to snow. Oh my goodness. She is so funny. So she woke up the other morning and was so disappointed it hadn't snowed when we had told her it was going to. We had to hurry and get her ready for school and as I was directing her into the bathroom to do her hair she caught a glimpse of out her bedroom window and it was snowing! Oh my! You would have thought she had died and gone to heaven... I don't know that it will be that loud in heaven, but she was elated! She was dancing around and singing and started to beg to go outside and play in the snow. We got all of her snow stuff packed for preschool and then headed to school. When I went to pick her up she threw a huge fit about going home. When I finally got her settled down and in the car she explained that they hadn't gone outside to play in the snow yet and that she couldn't go home yet. She is so funny, but because of the massive meltdown we had and others that followed it on the 3 or 4 block ride home she ended up taking a nap. When she got up she kept begging to go outside, but I was working on dinner and had so many other things to do and get done. Kris got home at 5 and we ate dinner and then Kris cleaned up the kitchen (I know the perfect man) and I got Stella in the tub. I told Molly that she could go outside with daddy and I would finish getting Stella ready for bed. After Stella's bath and jammies I got Molly in all of her snow gear and Kris got in his and they headed outside to play in the snow. Stella and I could see them though the window and I put Stella in her snow clothes and got mine on and we headed out as well. Kris and Molly made an adorable little snow man and Stella and Molly were loving the snow. Molly didn't want to come inside at all. Finally it was dark and we got her to come in for some hot chocolate and said prayers and sent them off to bed happier than I think she has been in weeks. She is so funny. Molly loves the snow and was so cute all day long begging to play in it. I just feel bad that I waited so long to get her out there. I think we have a snow lover at our house!

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katheryn b. said...

Oh I am glad someone loves snow. She will have to join in some snowball fight, don't worry we will be soft with her. :) Love the snowman. and the pictures are adorable, you are a great photographer.