Thursday, November 5, 2009

RC Willey

Due to our flooding downstairs in the workout room we have had to replace the floor. We decided to go with RC Willey being as we had credit there from a prior return. We were sitting down to dinner on Tuesday night and Kris' phone started to ring. I looked at the number and told Kris what the number was and he said "Oh it's probably RC Willey." Randomly Molly from out of no where said... "Your home your way!" Kris and I both shocked and laughing said what? She said... "RC Willey, Your home your way." how funny is that that she know the slogan for RC Willey. She is such a crack up. She is always saying little things like that that you would just not expect to come out of a 3 year old mouth. She is so funny and we love it, and her. What would we do with out her?

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katheryn b. said...

This story really did make my day when mom told me. I do have a very smart 3 year old niece