Friday, October 9, 2009

My New Favorite Molly Story.

I had picked up Molly form preschool yesterday and she was so funny. She said "Mommy, I'm so proud you came to pick me up, but I really miss daddy and want him to come home form work." I totally agreed and so I told her we could go and see daddy at work. On our way home from Kris's office I was asking her about preschool. She was telling me how she
"went on the see-saw with my friend Elizabeth."
"I like my friend Elizabeth, and my friend Anna, but Stella is my BEST friend!"
(She really stressed best)

I just wanted to start to cry right then. I was so touched by her honesty and her grasp on the fact that she and Stella spend so much time together and that Stella is truly her best friend. I hope she always remembers that. They have their moments, but in the end it's family that really counts and I'm so glad that she thinks of Stella as her best friend. Especially because she is so young and I know she has no idea that she will have a lot of friends that come and go in her life, but there will always be family. This was such a tender moment for me as a mom. It's moments like this that I love to witness. What a sweet little girl I have.

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Steph H said...

Ahhhh! I hope my girls turn out like this!