Sunday, October 11, 2009

Long Over Due Stats Post!

O K! I've been meaning to write this post for a long time. I took both girls in July for their well child check ups. Here are the stats and a little of what they were doing at this time.

Molly's 3 Year Stats
26 lb 9 oz 6% (Finally made it out out of the 2%)
3' 0" tall 20%

Molly has hit a very Independent stage. She wants to do everything by herself.
She is a huge Chocolate Milk drinker and will only drink that.
She is loving having a playmate, best friend, her Sister in the house with her all the time.
This is the year she starts Preschool.
She Spells and Writes her own name (with the exception of the y... that's a tricky letter for her)
She carries her Green Blankie everywhere with her.
She Sucks her Thumb (only when she has her green blankie.)
She loves Movies, Barnie, Elmo, Strawberry Shortcake, Incredibles, rescuers
Her Vocabulary is amazing. She shocks me all the time.
She loves to Read, her favorite book is Pinkalicious, but she loves to read anything.
Her favorite color is Pink.

Stella's 1 Year Stats

20 lb 0 oz 29%
30 1/2 in long 85 %
47.5 cm head circumference 95%

Stella got some shots and Stella didn't like that but Molly didn't either. She is always so worried about her little sister.

Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR)
Chickenpox Vaccine
Hep A

Stella is a Daddy's Girl.
She loves to Chew on anything and everything.
She is a Runner, I don't think she walks anywhere.
She has Energy, and it's electric.
She says Mama & Daddy (I think some times she gets those mixed up.)
She is a Climber, anywhere she can get to. She can't always get down, but she can get up.
She has a true obsession with the Toilet, that is her favorite place to play.
She is a Goer, she can't hold still for long. She has to be going.
She likes her Milk a certain way, but has a hard time holding still long enough to drink it.
She loves her Pink & Brown Blankie, she carries it around the house.
She loves Babies, she will carries dolls around our house and say "Baby".


katheryn b. said...

Cute Post! ha ha your blog for sure describes your children. What lucky girls they are to have a mother like you!

Melynda said...

ADORABLE!! I am sorry I haven't emailed you or anything in a while...seriously life has been CRAZY! I love checking your blog and seeing the darling pics of your girls and reading the funny stories! They are so dang cute and I can tell that you are enjoying being a mama! Miss you lots and maybe we can get together over Christmas break?

The Wyler Family said...

so sweet! i love the pics. and that story about molly saying stella is her best friend is so neat. siblings really are the best friends.